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Welcome to the "Simple Mobile Business Card Site Builder"!


Let's face the facts: the world has gone mobile and you need to provide your customers with an easy way to communicate with you and find your products and/or services. Read on or download our free site builder software today!

Using our FREE software you can build a simple, but elegant mobile site with your basic information on it. Let's face it, people are in a hurry these days and providing a overload of information to them will send them packing off to a competitor.

Our FREE mobile building software
"even makes and generates the QR code" needed to place on the business card!

What Is A Mobile Business Card Site?

Very good question! With all of todays smartphones there are free apps that allow people to scan QR codes. These are little images that allow people to point their camera at them and do many things. in this instance they will be able to browser a mini site with all your important information without overwhelming them.

Other Ideas and Uses

Do not over look the many other uses of this software and QR codes! Using your imagination, I am sure you can think of many uses. People are using many methods of placing QR codes for advertising.

The QR codes are "automatically generated by software", so it is very easy to print and place them on pretty much anything. One of our customers had them printed onto key chains and when scanned with phone user is taken to their site. The options are endless and only limited by ones imagination.

The images below provide you with a few ideas of using our free software and QR codes. They are actual uses by some test customers, but we have changed the information to protect the innocent:)

Magnetic Signs

One of the best (and easiest) free advertising methods is to use your vehicle.

Yard Signs

A very close associate owns a landscaping company and this is what we came up with.

Shirts & Clothes

You can order shirts and put 20 people in them at fairs, conventions and ???